New Light Source Project
aiming for unique studies of microscopic motions in matter of all kinds


Successful delivery of the NLS project requires clear science leadership, robust technical input and far-sighted strategic guidance. The organisation and management of the project has been developed to optimise all these aspects.

New Light Source Project Organisation organogram
Professor Jon Marangos (Imperial College London) is the Project Leader. He is responsible for defining the scientific priorities for the project, and thus the primary functional requirements of the proposed facility. In this capacity he coordinates the project requirements from the Photon Science Research Institute (PSRI) champions and the wider scientific community. The Science Case for the NLS project has been determined by the widest possible input from the potential user community. This has been coordinated and prioritised by Professor Marangos working with members of the PSRI and leaders of the 4GLS project.

Project management will follow UK best practice and is the responsibility of Dr. Gregory Diakun; within STFC Professor Mike Dunne acts as the project customer,
with Professor John Womersley as project sponsor.

The detailed delivery of the project divides into three primary cost areas: the photon sources, the science instrumentation and the building and conventional facilities.

The overall process is overseen by the NLS Project Board which has representatives from the science community as well as from the facility providers (STFC and DLS). This body is responsible for ensuring openness, transparency and due process in decision making. It is chaired by Professor Tim Wess (Cardiff University).

Decisions on the future phases of the NLS project will follow standard STFC and Department for Business Innovation and Skills, (BIS) procedures.