New Light Source Project
aiming for unique studies of microscopic motions in matter of all kinds

Life Sciences Workshop
Thursday 19th June 2008 - Room G59, Ground Floor Diamond House, Diamond Light Source, Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, Didcot OX11 ODE

This workshop is part of the New Light Source Project scientific consultation exercise. The aim of the workshop is to identify the major scientific opportunities for research in biology and medicine that will be facilitated by a new light source.

The programme includes 20min presentations followed by discussions.

The organisers of the workshop, Professor Dame Louise Johnson and Professor Peter Weightman, would be pleased to receive any additional suggestions from the community for areas of research in the biological and medical sciences that would benefit from the development of a new light source.


10:55Introduction to New Light Source Project
Professor Jonathan Marangos
11:00presentation Introduction to Life Sciences Workshop and Chair
Professor Peter Weightman
11:05'Non equilibrium dynamics in protein systems - the origin of biological catalysis?'
Professor Nigel S. Scrutton, (University of Manchester)
11:35presentation 'Decoding the matrix: dynamics of the key regulator of cell-cell communication'
Professor David Fernig (University of Liverpool)
12:05'The new world of multidimensional coherent optical spectroscopy: Implications for the study of biological dynamics, composition, structure and function'
Professor David R. Klug (Imperial College)
12:35presentation 'Probing mechanisms of biological communication and organisation'
Professor Peter Weightman (University of Liverpool)
Afternoon Session
Chair: Professor Louise Johnson
14:00'Pump-probe studies on DNA damage dynamics: the need for a wide spectrum intense source'
Professsor Tony Parker (Central Laser Facility)
14:30presentation 'Time resolved pump-probe studies of structural dynamics of light sensitive proteins'
Dr Jasper van Thor (Imperial College)
15:00presentation 'The use of optical imaging for integrated pathway analysis to understand cancer metastasis'
Professor Tony Ng (King's College London)
15:30presentation 'Ultra fast single particle coherent diffraction imaging for cells using FLASH'
Dr. Filipe Maia (Uppsala University)
16:30presentation 'THz Imaging'
Dr Mark Stringer (University of Leeds)
17:00General Discussion
To include 5 minute contributions from:
Axel Zettler (Cambridge)
presentation 'BigLight: the light source for the USA’s National High
Magnetic Field Laboratory
' John Singleton (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Jonathan Underwood (UCL)
presentation 'The Personality of Proteins' David Clarke (STFC Daresbury Laboratory)
18:00Workshop ends